Saturday, April 30, 2011


Being in the hole seems slightly less awful than the fall into it.

Or something like that.


ravyn said...

And less daunting than the climb back out. But we knew that already didn't we **hugs**.

Hey i'm gonna call you on Sunday.

DavidK said...

Okay, now this was just hilarious! Man, I've had days, nay WEEKS, like this... just perfect!

There's some days when all I really want to do is just stare at the side of the hole, rather than climbing up and looking around to see just how bad it really is out there...

Last entry's poppets are lovely, and would be interesting to animate, although the specificity of the poses might be somewhat limiting.

PoesyGirl said...

Oh, can I steal this quote and use it everywhere? This is just perfect, and you are so right!
The fall is always worse then the bottom!

spacedlaw said...

Once you are the bottom, there is no more anguish about "where will I end up?" or "Will something break?"
It can be nice and cosy down there. Maybe a trifle dark though.