Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 99

I woke from the most amazing technicolor alien invasion dreams. Just when I thought I couldn't be, I'm taken aback once again by the depth of my geekiness. The details. The details. The brain is a terrible thing. Those dream skies; Maxfield Parish meets Rene Magritte. Beautiful to look at, scary as hell. Just like I like it. And through it all I was running around like Dorothy, looking for something small and important. And just to make it more real, I had a toothache and needed desperately to pee. The brain is a terrible thing. I have a toothache to endure for another 20 hours or so. Yesterday it hardly bothered me at all. Today it's incapacitating, throbbing and blocking out the connections between thoughts if I stand, or do much of anything. So far, today was spent on the couch. Spencer is on his way to the pharmacy to get pain meds for me. We are way beyond Tylenol and Orajel today. Yesterday Soosi had her nose, her paws and her butt in everything I was doing. And under my feet. This cat will be the death of me. Yes, I know. I'll be found in some Wile-E-Coyote situation on the floor and you'll read about it on Yahoo. Yesterday though, I got enough work done for two days. Today she is all about trying to comfort me. Now that I'm immobile, she loves me. As I type this, it occurs to me that she probably loves me when she's creating chaos in my general vicinity as well. I did watch and enjoy Presented by Mrs. Henderson. I may watch it again. Yesterday I moved at light speed. I went to bed after making a big list for today. But that's not going to happen. The plan is getting through a toothache. The challenge is not letting it ruin my day. Could be worse, could be better. Jane, the more I know, the more you make sense. So. Not so much but dealing with one of the somethings there always is. I see the storms and news about the wars, reports on Japan. Yes, my toothache is a small inconvenience, but it sure hurts like hell. If that's whining, then waaaaaaaaaah! Guilty! Forgive me if this post comes up as one long run on paragraph. Blogger's been hinky about spaces lately and I don't have what it takes to tinker around with it today. later, gators.


Anonymous said...

Cats are very good at helping you feel better - mine 'purr' me well... thay will also be the death of me one day - they escort me up and down the stairs, get under my feet in the kitchen adn wake me through the night just so I know they are still there :)

ravyn said...

You know, when pain becomes incapacitating, it's no longer a small inconvenience. Last year's frozen shoulder hurt way more than my broken leg. It restricted my ability to move my arm for months. Physical therapy was, for quite a while, some of the worst pain i've ever felt. People just don't appreciate the absence of pain.

i hope your toothache goes away soon.