Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 101

Aubrey's photographs of "Blue."

We're beginning to dig ourselves out. Get some of the work out that's been 'lost' in the studio. How could I have left her hidden away for so long?

More words later. Lots of physical labor going on. And some thinking too.

Thanks for all the great names for congregations of poppets! Together, we'll figure this one out. I know it. Because of all the people who might understand poppets, most would be found right here among us.

hope your day was good, hope your night is too.


ravyn said...

Lovely photos Aubrey!

Kelly said...

Gosh, Lisa, there is so much talent in your home.

I think that things stay hidden (overlooked) until they are ready to serve their purpose.

I bought my sister a clay owl from Mexico, sometime around Christmas. It was beautifully painted, and nothing like any of the owls she already has (she is an owl connoisseur).

Fast forward to yesterday, she is having a rotten day, and I decide I want to do something nice. I look around for something to give her, and there is the owl, wrapped up on my spare bed. I found it when its purpose was ready to be served.