Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 100

My wisdom tooth is gone away.

My dentist is so nice, but he couldn't give me the tooth, though it had an evilly hooked root.

The absence of pain is joyful. Modern pharmaceuticals create an artificial, yet warm fuzzy blanket round my brain.

I must sleep. But the nagging question of the day is what to call lots of poppets.

If it's a gaggle of geese, a pride of lions, a murder of crows, a plague? of zombies, what then, goes for poppets?

A bit of work in progress from Saturday. More pics as I progress.


I stopped in my tracks. Before me, made surreal in the strange light of dusk, was nothing less than a______________ of poppets. I dared not move. Could not. The sight held me in mute, joyful wonder.



yemamaya said...

a brume of poppets?
a nest of poppets?
beh, whadda I know...?i just have a picture in my head of poppets hatching, and growing in nests, tough. Not laying eggst tough...don't know why.sorry about that, it's just my brain, going in neutral.

yemamaya said...

it's acctually going in circles, now... poppets do that to me.
a theatre of poppets?
a stage of poppets?
(a note to myself:oh do shut up!)

Drinne said...

A polis of poppets.

Anonymous said...

How about a paradigm of poppets? Whatever I think, I keep coming back to that one.

ravyn said...

What sprang to my mind immediately was:

An awakening of Poppets.

@Yemamaya - a few years ago i made a Foppet for Easter, with a bunny mask, carrying two baskets of Poppet eggs...

It's the Easter Foppet!

Kathy Bolt said...

Arrangement of Poppets?
Audience of Poppets? A View of Poppets?(always watching!)
A Conversation of Poppets?
A Draw of Poppets?
A Turnout of Poppets?
A Patronage of Poppets?
A Miscellany of Poppets?
A Parley of Poppets?
Or maybe just one for each differnet occassion ;-)!!

Alys Sterling said...

A curiousity of poppets

Arwenn said...

A preponderance of poppets?

A pod of poppets?

A grace of poppets?

Susan said...

A puzzle of poppets!

DavidK said...

'a parade of poppets' was my first thought....

spacedlaw said...

A mob.

Dunabit said...

I like "an audience of poppets" (Kathy)

I imagined two options:
a fraggle of poppets
a question of poppets

Anonymous said...
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lisa said...

I love your brains. Let's keep going. Eventually--possibly---one will emerge (an emergence of poppets?) that most of us agree with.
Help me on this, because whatever we choose, it's going in the book, which will make it stick.

Remember what Bill Hicks said: "As long as we're making things up, we may as well go hog wild."

Pay attention to WV---one may magically appear.
A toultio of poppets?

A mulabr of poppets?

Katy said...

My first thought was "parade of poppets."

Then I thought: a novella of poppets? A palimpsest of poppets? A spectator of poppets? A palaver of poppets? A mimicry of poppets? A reflection of poppets?

And my word verification: an exatier of poppets.

raven said...

a puzzle of poppets was the first thing i thought of.

i like a curiosity of poppets, too.

J.W.B. said...

For some reason my initial thought was "A pipple pf poppets" ...though pipple is not a word.

J.W.B. said...

I reallly like katy's suggestion though. Palaver of poppets. Nice mysterious ring to it.

DavidK said...

Hmm. Collective nouns (terms of venery) often have ancient histories. I'm often drawn to the alliterative ones, or the ones that seem to amplify or exemplify the animal group being named.

Two that come to mind that might be applicable to poppets are 'parliament' (of owls) and 'audience' (of squids).

Keeping with the alliterative and going slightly made-up, a 'pomp of poppets' sounds like fun, especially since it's almost diametrically opposed to how I tend to think of poppets, and so fits well with their whimsical nature.

Drinne said...

Or a plethora of poppets.

I love venery:

A pouch of poppets

A purchase of poppets

A promenade of poppets

A periphery of poppets

A phase of poppets

A perimeter of poppets

A parable of poppets

A plausibility of poppets

A preponderance of poppets

A parameter of poppets

A parenthesis of poppets

But if we were going to be honest in the House we pretty much use :

A population of poppets

supplemented by

A legion of poppets
and a promenade of poppets - but I do have a small city block's worth literally so we do have a tendency to refer to large groups of poppets alot.

but I think:

An investigation of poppets is also cool

Ka said...

An astonishment of poppets
A silence of poppets
A galaxy of poppets
A peculiarity of poppets
But really the one I like best is Ravyn's "An Awakening of Poppets"

Anonymous said...



Melissa said...

I first thought of a Passel of Poppets. But, then this came into my head and stuck. (And, made me comment - which is rare.

A Wonder of Poppets

Tempest said...

posse of poppets!

Squeaky said...

a whimsy of poppets definitely has potential...
as does a wonder of poppets...

Anonymous said...

How can I not buy this piece you are working on? LOVE it


guardianalien said...

We like Drinne's suggestion A population of poppets


Stacey said...

One of my favorites, for starlings:


Here are a couple of links for actual creature group names:

Seems to me there are certain characteristics to be found in a group of poppets that would resemble the most inquisitive of creatures.

Carl V. Anderson said...

These are fun. I really like "a peculiarity of poppets".

I was thinking of a pomposity of poppets, a pride of poppets, a pestilence of poppets.

Getting more odd, a presumption of poppets.

J.W.B. said...

Peck of Poppets

Bevula said...

Some great ones here! I particularly like:

a whimsy of poppets
a pomp of poppets (love the irony as was mentioned)
a galaxy of poppets (bigger on the inside, you know)

Carl V. Anderson said...

"a whimsey of poppets"...I like that one too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love a parade of poppets.

I love a puzzle of poppets.

But I have always found Poppets show up in poems.


You know who.