Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 103

Note: Sometimes I truly hate Blogger. I don't know why the spacings are screwed up. I've had this blog for years and I can't figure out why it's suddenly refusing to put captions anywhere near the photos I post.

Until I can fix it, sorry for all the ridiculous open spaces. sheesh

Friday was busy, busy, busy. It was the kind of work day in which one eats standing up, never leaving the studio. Not so much time for thinking, which is likely what I needed.

I took photos.

Alien specimen in progress. Complete with its own atmosphere.

Spencer bends metal for the creature's tank.

And cuts metal for the trim. It's to be a somewhat Victorian piece and you know how those Victorians loved their trimmings.

Outside, we're keeping an eye on this praying mantis egg sac.

Orion prepares to take off on the mini Trikke.

Later, Battleship. Orion and I tend to put our knees up during board games, so we decided this battle would be fought knee against knee.

Very messy studio. Here's a winged piece in progress. Drying stage.

A 'collection' work in progress. This one about odd bits of life. I have bugs and acorns from Ravyn, bees and bits of conifer from the Neil Gaiman, pieces I've made from other things. First stage, arranging the elements.

And lastly, the epic battle begins to take shape. It will go on perpetually under the glass top of a gaming table.

And that was yesterday, day 103


Melissa P said...

A very full day. Love that winged poppet. Have a relaxing weekend.

lisa said...

Thanks Melissa. I like your new picture. Beautiful you are indeed.

crydwynn said...

The table is going to look amazing!

I really like the alien with its own atmo too!

J.W.B. said...

Did the Poppets ever war with eachother? ... I remember wisepoppet said they had a war with enemies...

Love all the stuff coming together! Especially the sitting sculpture.

lisa said...

crydwynn: thanks. it will be. I love your little poppet picture. how did you do that--is it a reflection?

WV: redli. A redli of reds?

lisa said...

JWB: They did, long before they had the war with enemies. By the time they were attacked, they'd made peace with the crows. They learned the futility of warring with each other before even that. (the table will be called 'complimentary colors.' The red poppets and green poppets cancel each other out at the front lines when they collide.

Melissa P said...

Thanks Lisa.
I am looking forward to all these new pieces. The red and green poppets cancelling each other out on collision at the front line is an idea worth pondering and remembering. It's a deep truth. And one that can found on so many levels of this human experience called Life.

Diandra said...

Your art is truly wonderful!