Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 97

It's been oddly cold today and dark. Last week the kidlings swam in the sun, today I sent Orion in long pants and a jacket. I still have a bit of a toothache. Appointment on Monday. I'm in the painting room, with music, surrounded by ideas. I wish you could see what I see today. I hope I can twist and color and build it. I'm skating on an edge and taking notes. It's a risky edge. The wheels are familiar, the landscape is not. I might fall. I might not. I'm happy to be here. I'll play to the best of my abilities. You are very wise, Spence. Aubrey and David--thanks for Gong! That's today. I hope for humans with you. Don't give up.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

The weather is a fickle mistress. ;)

I am loving the new artwork you are releasing on etsy. If I were rich (I know, I'm always saying that) I would scoop up some of the new poppets with all the little bits and pieces. They remind me of myself. Eclectic and complex.

I'm glad you have an appointment for your tooth. Tooth pain is a bad pain.