Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 104

By the time I got to the shower, I really, really needed one. It was a long day of hard work. Not delicate or difficult problem solving, but hands-on, dirty, dusty physical labor.
It felt good and right to get so dirty.

I have some stuff going on, aside from the work, that's important to me. Someone I know died last night, and I'm processing it all. I want to tell you about it here because it's relevant to all that I tell you here. But not yet, every one in our small local circle (no one of which reads here, to my knowledge) hasn't been told.

In the meantime, there is work, and thank goodness for it. Now I am clean and must, must, must sleep. Tomorrow, the difficult work begins.

I am very glad you are with me, and very fortunate.



Christie said...

So sorry for your loss.

spacedlaw said...

Sorry for the death. Let the pain grow. When it blooms you will be ready to write about it.

Diandra said...

I am sorry for your loss.

Melissa P said...

I'm so sorry. I wish there words. Instead, I'll just tell you something you already know...I'm here. My thoughts are with you as you process and grieve.

crydwynn said...

My condolences. Loss is never easy.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you.