Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 10

These ideas arrive in their own time, not mine. Like a change in the wind, I can feel for days what's coming. It's like that sometimes. But not always, and not this time.

Sometimes, ideas walk in without ceremony, without comment, and not even a click of warning from the door. Sometimes, they're just here.

They're here Today, an odd and inconvenient Tuesday of things to do and not enough sleep last night.
It was mostly Soosi, waking me and then Orion waking me after Soosi woke him. Chaotic, delirious, tempestuous Cat! There was that. And then a worry dream of the sort where you suddenly remember you've forgotten something important---like a class (for a week), or that you had birds to feed. That you have a Great Dane, forgotten and neglected downstairs. Those dreams.
And then, this afternoon, Soosi peed in the toilet. I walked by Orion's bathroom to discover her sitting there on the rim, looking straight at me as she went. She straightened up for a moment, then hopped down. I watched her walk away without a word. I didn't say anything either. I still don't know what to say about that one.

And now, here, this torrent of vision and concept. Personified, the Muse. Did I say 'inconvenient?' I didn't mean it.

Because here's the thing about the influx of ideas---it's always welcomed, and graciously so, on an inconvenient Tuesday or impossible Saturday. It would incredibly arrogant to expect inspiration to work around my schedule. Even more so when I have choices about when to act on it. Today I choose to keep doing what I'm doing, which is making a cool little music box. Still, I let the ideas in, I offer up my concentration, along with the substantial energy required to consider, experience and pay homage to each in turn. Today, I don't need to write anything down. I can choose not to. They're in there, in the mix, for later.

Now, I'm off to read The Hobbit with Orion. It's our third night and Bilbo and company have just narrowly escaped the goblins. I'm privileged to get to read these words again, and so deeply happy to be with Orion as he hears them for the first time.

What an odd Tuesday. What a rich Tuesday. Tonight, I'll very likely sleep.

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Janet said...

One of my very favorite books :-)