Monday, December 06, 2010

Art in the Halls of The Atrium, Rancho Mirage

Any art exhibit is a combination of hard work and fun. When it's the first show of a new venue there are always surprises. I find surprises are easier to handle with laughter. I like laughing. And bananas.

There were 35 artists in the exhibit. I especially liked the work of Lauretta Lowell. Lauri is an assemblage artist. She is also a smart, warm and self-effacing woman. I was taken by her work at first glance and had a great conversation with her associate and collaborator, Rae, about painting techniques and 'accidental' inventions.

I liked Lauri immediately and enjoyed exploring her creations.

Hopefully, we'll get together soon to talk shop and maybe do a little collaborating.

There's an article about Lauri and how she found her way to her art here. And you can see more of her work at Whimsical Curiosities.

The Atrium made for a comfortable, elegant and well-lit venue. Poppets approved.

Aubrey manned the desk while I visited other artists and hassled children about reading.

Some older works from the 'dusty vaults' cleaned up really well. Probably it's time to add them to the Etsy shop. When the walls are bare, new art gets made. That's how it works.

A long board makes a great art dolly and a surprisingly comfy seat. The show was fun and I met some interesting new humans. By evening, all of us had tired feet and hoarse voices. Aubrey, Spencer and I went home happy. It was a good day.
Hope yours was too.

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