Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 5

I wrote quite a lot of nicely arranged words about how we record our holidays with beautiful photos selected from bunches of crappy ones. I wrote about how I dyed (not 'colored') my hair today. I wrote more words about rocking out to Korn in the bathroom.
But Blogger ate it all.

I could try to recreate it, but my drink is gone and it's thirty minutes after midnight and I'm really, really tired.

So possibly this entry is about appreciating the poetry of words while accepting that sometimes we just have to take the laundry list and move on.
That said, I've posted a couple of nicely composed photos and some of the ones that helped make those possible.
So the gist of what I wrote was:

I dyed my hair red today.
Old people like to rock out, e.g. Slayer. (or, I remember college)
Possibly, our throw-away photos are the ones that tell the real stories.


Diandra said...

Have a magic holiday!

(The BF ordered something from your store for me, I can see it from the envelope it is in (it arrived too late for him to wrap it, he was already gone to meet his family), and I am all excited!)

lisa said...

Yay!! Write again after opening. psst! we already wrapped it for him.
sneaky poppets!

Melissa P said...

Merry Christmas! I hope there are many great surprises for you--the wonderful kind that last a lifetime and are not found in shiny wrapping. The kind that begin in quiet moments with those closest to you and grow into special memories and new appreciations.

(I like the red.)

Drinne said...

The Beauty of digital photography is that we not only get to keep ALL the photos - the working up ones and the ones where we reach the platonic ideal. all without cluttering up our closets.

I find that i use pieces of the not-perfect photos in other ways, pieces of art, visual references for other kinds of art - remembering things.

It's like having your own "behind the scenes"

Merry Holiday.

Anonymous said...

The red hair is GREAT!

I find that the non-perfect photos are often the ones that remind me most strongly of the time that they were taken. The "good" versions just don't seem to be quite as evocative, somehow.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.