Sunday, December 05, 2010

Saturday, pre show

Orion likes Eggo.

morning mandolin

I like upcycling. I liked it when it was just crafting. I used to make these really warm quilts from socks. I made the Neil Gaiman one for a birthday or something, ages ago. I think he still has it. Once, when visiting during an especially cold week, he told me I'd have to sleep with the cats. I had my needles, so could've sewn them all into one warm cat blanket.

But I didn't.

In that spirit, I'm making a sweater from two old ones. This is a very comfy sweater slightly too short for my lankiness. With a couple of small paint stains on the sleeve.

And this ill-fitting thing that I love because it's so very ratty and soft.

I cut the ends of ratty old sweater for cuffs.

attaching them with a double crochet stitch

Soosi and a movie make for good pre-show relaxation.

detail of edging

That's as far as I got today. The rest was used for art stuff.

It's, well, technically Sunday. After midnight and we've finally loaded the last bit of art for the exhibit tomorrow. It's not so much the art---it's all the stuff that goes with. Aubrey is staying over and tomorrow we get up very early for set up.
Will be back soon with photos and to finish up the sweater.
Hope your Sunday is good.


Melissa P said...

I really like the recycled sweaters--especially the added touch of edging. Soosi must have been beside herself over the thread, the flashing hook and the sweater covered lap. I've had the hook out all weekend and have had a lot of feline company.

Stacey said...

LOL! Is he playing Mandolin to the South Park Poppets? teehee!

lisa said...

Melissa--oh, she was. Can any cat resist a ball of yarn? If you upcycle something, send me pics so I can share it here.

Stacey--bwahhhh! I didn't notice that! Looks like Cartman was diggin it too.