Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Water and Light

Orion and I are diving again, though I can't wear my goggles yet. We're practicing swimming together over and under, under and over...waving to each other as we pass, in slow motion, like royalty.
We imagine monster games and such. Actual conversation from today:

Orion: "I'm invisible by the vortex."
Me: "Right."
Orion: "You're not invisible by the vortex."
Me. "Right."
Orion: " about you don't go near the vortex."

Good plan. The SciFi Channel needs Orion.

Ok. I've decided that when faced with thirty paintings to do, it's not a terrible idea to choose one from anywhere in the storyboard and paint it. I'm thinking the answer to which comes next might be in there, and so on.

Thanks for your help with the jacks question. I followed the links you sent me and have decided it's not unreasonable to guess that they were cast in scrap metals, stylized after the bones of the spine the game originated with, and that the individual who created the design we see today is unknown and will remain so.
I still sense there is at least one missing link (no pun intended) here.
Let's keep our eyes open.

I want to go outside now. The sky is dark and the moon illuminates clouds full of lightning.
Someone with so much work to do shouldn't spend time looking at the sky.
Someone with so much work to do should definitely spend time looking at the sky.


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Derek Ash said...

The sky is there for a reason, after all. It is men who imposed ceilings.