Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday, Between Enemy Lines

I wait in the grocery checkout between magazines placed with purpose.

They feature photos of celebrated women who starve themselves to fit an unhealthy and artificial aesthetic that serves no one but those who created it.

A fellow customer, dangerously overweight, chooses a magazine and tosses it into a cart heaped with sugar and fat and nothing green.

I consider this from the perspective of one hungry due to famine.

I consider this from the perspective of one hundred years ago.

I consider this from the perspective of one hundred years from now.

I must not sleep.


vandaluna said...

I saw those rags. DANG! I want to be skinny and all, and I used to think there was no such thing as too skinny, but dang, those women have problems!! They look terrible. How sad.

ravyn said...

Well...... now that i've been indoctrinated into corsets..... i don't want to be skinny as much as just a little slimmer and in good healthy shape, heh. We likes curves, Preciousssssss, especially dangerous ones..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think I understand... I am a big believer in the Singularity... I can only hope that the future looks back at us with the reverence for innocence when you see a cow stick its head in an electric fence.....

"Stupid Cow"

vandaluna said...

Yes, Ravyr-chick, we do luvs dem coives!

lisa said...

Casper: I think I do too. I felt I had entered one of my own 'food' sculptures.

I was the little poppet who saw the monster and, at that moment, quite awake.