Sunday, September 10, 2006

Red on White and Blue

Every day on this planet people die needlessly, both innocent and brave.
Every day I can honor them by choosing to live honorably.

It's the least I can do.
And it doesn't require a bumper sticker.


Derek Ash said...

I saw someone the other day with one of those magnet-ribbon things on their car, and it was brown amd it said, "I support farting".

I found it funny, not because of its crassness, but for thelampoon of all those other "heart-felt" ribbons that are out there all over everything now. It was one of those Emperor's new clothes- "Look he's naked!" moments.

And I'm not saying all those ribbons are pointless, but there is a breaking point for any of those types of things. Where the glut completely bulldozes any kind of sentiment into the ground. (I still wear my autism-awareness ribbon with pride).

I know that wasn't really the point of your post, but in my own weird way I'm saying "Here, here!"

And please people, support farting.

ravyn said...

Putting a sticker on a car is easy. Standing up for freedom is hard, especially on those occasions when it means standing *against* the sheep who bray,"You're either with us or against us."

ravyn said...

Miniature Earth

(posted on the Ego Likeness blog today )

Carl V. Anderson said...

Great image and great thoughts.

vandaluna said...

Being either "with us or against us", I'd rather being "against us" and be proud of it! ::snicker::

faerydusted1 said...

Speaking of being 'against'... or speaking up.
I thought this was interesting. Hope it's ok to post here. Got me thinking, at least, even if there were some bits I didn't buy into wholeheartedly.

One thing I can say is that I think that we are lacking in great orators. Not that I catch every speech on the TV. Its not like when I was a kid and that's all that one on, or like in school when you watched MLK Jr, JFK or and number of historic moments for class.
But I realized I could sit and watch Olbermann just fine and actually enjoyed this bit, regardless of the message. (Although I think what he was saying was important to a great degree.)
It reminded me that just a few weeks ago I was watching something and thinking 'man, this politician stinks at giving a speech! I'm bored to tears!!'. Not that I need dancing lights and a monkey with a fez, but I've seen many politicians and 'leaders' who didn't seem to know how to relate to their audiences.

Derek Ash said...

So what are you saying... that Fez monkeys rock?

Because I'm on board!

Wow, politics really are fun!

faerydusted1 said...

Fez-fitted monkeys rock like there's no tomorrow.

That is, indeed, what I am saying.