Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cheese Sandwiches

A good day is when we have cheese sandwiches and peas for lunch, and the cups are all in the washer so I use a little jar for Orion’s cup.

And a good day is when Orion asks how a jar can be a cup, and when, after our cheese sandwiches and peas, we walk all around the house looking for things that can be used for purposes they weren’t made for.

It’s good to do some pretty clever thinking-- and then to find things to use for hats.

Lots of things can be worn as hats, but most of them probably shouldn’t.

It’s a good day when we put weird things on our heads until we collapse like empty boxes onto the rug and lie in the sun giggling for ages.

Now I'm going to have some coffee and work on a project that I really, really want to work on. But I wanted first to tell you about the good day.

It’s good to know one could use a jar for a cup.



K said...

And it's good to play with your food (very subtle!)

From Wikipedia, a vital piece of information:

"According to comedian Billy Connolly, if a man is left alone in a room with a tea cosy, and he does not attempt to wear it, he should not be trusted."

I don't know if you have tea cosies in America, but I'm sure the principle still holds.

Dan Guy said...

That sounds like a very good day indeed.

Here is a video of my oldest two spontaneously arguing in song during a car trip over whether a Thomas the Tank Engine plate can be used as a hat:

Dan Guy said...

Err, I could have made that a link, I suppose.

ivenotime said...

Dan, that video was a hoot! Your little ones are darling... When my twins were around 18 months, they waged righteous battle daily for the privilege of wearing the Parkay Margarine Tub. Tank, my corgi, exhibits this creativity daily - glove as chew toy, pens/pencils/clay tools as chew toy, hope chest as chew lap as bed :)

K said...


Did you know they were likely to perform when you pointed the video camera at them, or was it pure luck?

Katy said...

This post makes me very happy. :-)

Dan Guy said...

k -- They had started singing before Lori got the camera out. The video doesn't include the whole first "aria", unfortunately, in which Molly placed the plate on her head and began proclaiming it a hat in song, inviting all of us to "see she pretty hat".

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is a good day indeed. Love the decorative lunches!

Anonymous said...

you should animate those peas, just a camera on a tripod, and the peas can sing and dance, or maybe eat eath other, who knows...

medium risk of starving though,
(bumpersticker)playing with food can be fun.(/bumpersticker)