Friday, September 01, 2006

Making Way

As much as I enjoy the works I’ve made, it’s the making I love most. I’ve decided to begin culling my collection. It’s like recycling, sort of, and not at all like time travel.

It was easy to fall in love again with these as I photographed. They each have stories and memories. They're good works, but are in the way of good working.

They're mostly odd one-of-a-kinds, so I'm listing them on Ebay rather than creating a website, which elicited from Ravyn (I think) a small sigh of relief.

Ten percent of each sale will be donated to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

You can see everything here: Links to Auctions


Weirdness! The little purple bruise on Orion's nose became what looked like a scrape, but is now fading fast. I, however, now look more like I ran into a door than a little boy. Everyone has gone to bed exept Gurtie and me, and she refuses to use the flash, purist that she is, so I had to take a photo of my own eye. Yay. You can see it below, or above, depending on Blogger's freaking mood today.


Tomorrow is breakfast with Ben, Pete and Orion, giving a casting lesson to another sculptor and working on illustrations for a project due in November. I've worked on it for a bit now, but there's the one part that still makes me cry every time. I wonder if that will eventually go away, or at least while I'm working on the book.


It's now 1:43. Yogurt (lime) brushing teeth and bed. I'm looking forward to sleeping. But writing and drawing are much more fun.

I've researched the origins of the Jacks games, and found lots of references to the little metal jacks we in America are most familiar with. Does anyone know the origins of the metal jacks themselves? Why are they what they are? Were they ever something else?

When the work is good, everything is good.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa - Jacks look very much like caltrops - a medieval anti-personnel and -cavalry weapon, with sharp points instead of safe rounded ends. Drop a handful and they always land sharp-end-up. Don't step on them!