Sunday, September 17, 2006

Poppets and scary, scary sheep...

Poppets are poppets.
They are not perky and, costume or not, they never forget what color they are underneath,
nor that I'm their creator, but certainly not their mommy.

I don't forget that either.

I got home to find a gift from Ben on my desk--a net bag of ladybugs that are now, (with a little help from you know who )ready to be art. Ben loves me.

Last night I watched a tape of Ann Coulter's Q and A for the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute.
For a little while I thought I'd seen the true face of evil. Then I decided this was the stupidest "smart" person I've ever seen. After that I decided it didn't matter whether Ann Coulter is stupid or evil.
Because I noticed the audience.
I'm thinking Stepford scary. Hair-standing -up -on- my -neck -Stepford -scary. These are the people Ann Coulter commands to "embrace the liberal hate" and "I want you to all go out and be teachers." They drink it in like sweet, sweet Kool-aid.

It's not a long leap to imagine a couple of these fixed-pupil neophytes in towers with rifles.

I especially enjoyed hearing Coulter's case against Darwinism. Then, what do I know? I majored in Biology, which, according to Coulter, isn't a real science, uh, until she needs to quote a biologist.

I'd like to make Ann Coulter a costume...


By the way (hi Rebecca! xoxo) I'm not perky either.


ravyn said...

Pillows. Lots and lots of pillows. Til it moves no more.

Oops did i say that in my "outside voice".....?

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to make Ann Coulter a costume..."

Yeah, well, good luck. She hasn't enough skin to cover a first grader, and if you did manage to find enough to use, who do you dislike enough to make'em wear it? Even with a witch's hat.

Seriously, though, Ann doesn't scare me - I know she's nuts. It's her myriad anonymous sycophants that frighten me.

jestersdna said...

Between ann coulter and nancy grace I skip an entire band of channels in the the evenings.

Derek Ash said...

Ann Coulter just needs a good you-know-what.

Maybe with Nancy Grace.

faerydusted1 said...

Lisa- I thought about you at the festival yesterday. We have a spider that's made a home behind one of our signs. Personally, I like them just fine if they aren't near me. I never want them killed.

At any rate- this one had managed to snag a yellow jacket in its nest. We stood horrified and amazed as the two battled it out. The yellow jacket entwined in sticky web and the spider zipping around jabbing at it and trying to tie it up and subdue it. Eventually the yellow jacket broke free, but was very tangled. I'm not sure what happened to it. (I was summarily distracted by princesses in need of lacing.) I'll have to look and see if the spider lowered itself down to collect her prize below. She was very busy repairing her much damaged web.

Later when I went out back a squirrel barked and hit me in the head with a nut. That didn't make me think of you, but I thought it was much funnier.