Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Short Trip to October

Thanks, Ravyn, for posting these photos. I packed up the refurbished roller coaster cars to go out with me tomorrow. On Friday, they'll be attached to new trucks on the coaster to resume journeys up and down, round and back, in and out and nearly sideways, very fast.
I look at them and know they still have stories to tell.

It'll be a short trip for Ben and me, time-wise, but a visit to the carnival always leaves one slightly changed, don't you think? And, when we get back to the desert, it will be October.

See you then.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Thanks for posting Ravyn, those are all fantastic pictures. I wish you all the best on your trip and will gladly welcome the month of October with you upon your return.

Dan Guy said...

Wonderful! Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

faerydusted1 said...

Just amazing. I know the pictures are never quite like seeing it in person, but these are the kinds of images that stick with me. And pop up at the oddest of times. (Especially the rabbit, for some reason.)

Thanks to Ravyn for posting them and Lisa for sharing with us.

Derek Ash said...

Joyful horrors.

It's what drew me to this site, and what keeps me coming back.