Saturday, September 02, 2006

Alien Artifacts

Ok. As further contribution to the answer-- or to send us sideways--here is a photo of some antique jacks given me by Ravyn at Balticon. Where did she get them? These have a machined look, and protrusions that could be sprues from casting. I'd think, as finished as every other surface is, the manufacturer of these jacks would have removed any bumps from sprues. They're very heavy, and my first impression was that they'd been cut from...something.

I decided that cranberry juice definitely tastes better in a wine glass. No---it's not psychological---it's aroma enhanced by physics.

If Dark Chocolate is so healthy for us, why aren't candy makers touting it on the wrappers?

and, finally, Orion surprised me today by flushing an entire box of 'flushable' wipes at once. He apparently wanted to see what would happen. We don't know yet, because whatever that is, is still going on. Hopefully, whatever faerie magic makes one wipe 'flushable' will eventually apply to 150 of them.

He's definitely my sun.



ravyn said...

i got those jacks through the magic of eBay :-D

When i was in fifth grade, one of my friends had a set of jacks like those that she said belonged to her grandmother. Because they are heavier than more "recent" jacks, playing wtih them was a bit different. Lots of fun though.

When i received one of Lisa's pieces (heheh she said Lisa's Pieces) that had jacks in it, i thought about those vintage jacks and started searching ebay. And sent her some cause i thought she might like them as much as i do :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Those jacks are great, I'd love to have some of those to lay around the house!

What is it about young children and their toilet fascination? Tis one of life's great mysteries that every kid, at least once, will try to flush something large down the toilet.