Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Windence Doe Experience

I write this in the somewhat dubious cookie-cutter comfort of a McDonald's playroom. My cup of coffee tempts me, but I'm experienced and wise to it. I'll wait a bit, therefore keeping the skin on my lips. I spot Orion in this translucent bubble or that, high overhead. Already he's made new friends. Just that easily. Pretty little ones of all colors, so sweet, with short little vocal cords capable of ripping the tympanic membranes right out of my ears.

I'm down to 17 splinters in my hand, but those are starting to hurt, so I must get more serious about removing them. But, owww, forget my hand. My ears. My brain...

Our friend Windy's name is actually Windence. Windence Doe. How cool is that? Last night we celebrated her birthday in Palm Desert. The The Whores Of Tijuana rocked the house, bringing people in from the street to join in. Pete made his comic debut. He came away from it with sort of a laundry list of what he thought went wrong which, I would imagine, anyone walking off stage does. But I was watching the audience and really, most were laughing for most of the time, including myself, and I've heard all this stuff before.

I finally met Arthur Seay, whom I've heard much about and who is working diligently to gather a community of alternative artists. He says that, to him, these are artists who care more about substance and quality and less about decorating. I found him smart and funny and sincere. I told him I'm a little ashamed I haven't attempted to gather artists and very grateful that he's doing it.

There were many interesting and strange people there with interesting and strange ideas. The Village Lounge (also known as "The Scrounge") was friendly and comfortable and served the coldest Corona I've ever had.

I got to know Windy's best friend Shelby better, who has levels of heart and cool I never imagined.

Once the band started in on their version of "Low Rider", everyone was dancing without partners, hippie style. A woman I didn't meet, mid sixties or so, caught and held my attention. She had waist-length gray hair, and boots and skirt worn over faded jeans. She danced with both grace and joyful abandon. As I watched, forty years vanished around her and I saw golden hair woven with flowers, a smooth face glowing with love and anticipations. She is lovely in both worlds and I, spellbound, didn't give a thought to my camera. It seemed a sacred moment. Then she was gone and the Whores switched to original music and I was newly in possession of a permanent vision.

Happy Birthday, Windy. You are truly loved.

ps. The red baby did not attend the party and is actually a hint at the project Aubrey and Ben are hatching in the darkest corner of the studio. They're beginning to scare me and that, friends, should truly scare you.

Following are photos from the evening.



ravyn said...

Dolls can be creepy (sorry Malena, hehe). That one is definitely scary. So is the thought of your spawn hatching something with the Ben unit.

Maybe if she gets too scary for you, you can threaten to buy her all pink clothes, hmmm?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much for coming out and it was great to hear Pete!!!

I brought xtra equipment down to record and well besides Pete, i didnt get much else. I am in dire need of real recording equipment, my computer only can handle so much!!

Anyway here is a link to Pete's Debut!


Derek Ash said...

1. Ravyn, love the new Avatar (I need to get myself a cool avatar, I really do).

2. Whose the beer-swilling biker-chick with the big man-hand, anyway?

3. That baby looks sunburned.

4. I am so incredibly impressed that Pete is a stand up comedian. So wait... does he write comic books or not?

ravyn said...

RRNN, thanks :-) . The folks on the Lorraine a' Malena blog like it too. It's a "halloween portrait" of myself, i did in Adobe Illustrator. Here is a larger view of it. It was part of a client Halloween project, heh.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is one creepy looking red baby! Reminds me of a rubber stamp I found once. I occasionally make homemade cards and for awhile my fictional card company used that crazy baby stamp and the name Psycho Baby Snuggles, named after my sisters little baby doll whose hair eventually mostly fell out and who no longer "moved like a real baby" but jerked in wild spasms whenver you pulled its cord....That red baby has Snuggles beat in the creepy factor hands down!!!

Derek Ash said...

We were watching Antiques-Roadshow the other night (Oh, the exciting life I lead...) and on comes this old, Catholic religious-icon doll, from south america or somewhere-I-can't-remember-what-do-you-people-want-from-me-anyway... It was pale, and carved from ivory, and had all tese lines running through its face, and weird, wispy old hair, and apparently the "body" was just a frame to hold the dress, and only the hands and face were actually solid, and I immediately thought: Holy crap. There is the doll that will come to life and kill me in my sleep.

But she was worth like, 30,000 dollars... so go figure.

Anonymous said...

It never occurred to me to post multiple pictures as individual posts...thanks.

As far as the ageless dancing woman, I concur. I just might spend the rest of my life chasing after that abandon.