Sunday, February 05, 2006

Black Fries, Tiny Stories and an actual conversation

Today the kids and I applied a bit of the scientific method and discovered the following:

French fries, forgotten and burnt to dry crisps, make a fair drawing medium.

French fries, forgotten and burnt to dry crisps, float in the pool for quite a long time and, eventually, turn into something even the long net won't pick up.

French fries, forgotten and burnt to dry crisps, taste at least as bad as pennies.

Gurtie doesn't like French fries, regardless of how they are cooked, and says she could make a better drawing with her eyes closed.


I finished reading all the Tiny Stories submissions. Now I have a list of the ones I like best. I'll add my list to Bob's list and someone else will have the difficult job of combining those into one. I don't envy that person, as this was much more difficult a job than I expected. Still, as tasks go, reading and rereading stories craftily created from one hundred unique words by so many unique individuals from so many places is better (I think) than most.

Actual conversation:

Lisa: "Hey sweetie, look in that drawer, third down, third over, and hand me a brain please?

Aubrey: "A hollow brain or a solid brain?"

Lisa: "Hmmm. Solid."

Aubrey: "Here ya go."

Lisa : "Thanks!"

Aubrey (in parting) "Mom, please no dancing with the abby normal."


We'll be taking orders for "Midnight" and "Grim" through February.


Temps got up to 91F yesterday. This doesn't portent well for summer. We hardly got any rain this winter. It's been several years since we had one of those weeks-0f-125F summers. One may be coming soon.



Carl V. Anderson said...

91! That makes our unseasonable 60's weather of last week seem positively arctic!

And thanks for the educational material...its nice to know that art supplies are as close as my oven door!

jordan's mom said...

"Dancing with the Brain".......

Another one of those thoughts/ideas to be tucked away in the Soup Kettle of potential ideas to be sampled later.

Please ask Aubrey if I might borrow this for a chapter title????