Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Static in, static out

Static. It becomes like static, sometimes, when there are so many things to be done and all of them must be done very, very soon, and each is as important as the other. In my head, if I'm not careful, all the things I'm not working on in a given moment can create quite a brain buzz, distracting me from the thing I'm actually doing.

Left on its own, such a brain buzz gets loud enough to interfere. I'm learning to recognize more quickly when this is happening and that the only thing to do is take a break.

So, I took off my apron and Orion and I ate fish sticks and mac and cheese outside, then played some basketball and chase around the trees. Next it was to swing on the garden swing, watch the sunset, see the bats come out and get a couple of shots of Orion's magic hair.

This static is okay. An invisible force we can play with, as with magnets.

And as usual, a little play cleared away the other, less friendly sort.



Carl V. Anderson said...

Now if only we could harness that energy from cute little static heads!

K said...

That is magic hair! Mine doesn't look nearly as cool when staticky (just sticks to and wraps itself around things, such as innocent passersby).

I know what you mean about the mental static. With me, it's like interference between parts of my brain that are worrying about different things. Running helps. Unfortunately, the things still all need to be done when I stop...

But I'm glad you managed to damp it down. And bats are cool. I like bats.