Monday, February 13, 2006

Life is my laboratory

There is another plane across the asphalt, waiting like this one. It's full of people. I can see their heads, and movement. I put my hand, fingers splayed, on my own window. I know that I'd be delighted as a child if a hand in one of those tiny windows across the way returned the gesture.
None does.

It seems I've always moved through a series of little experiments.

I wanted to see how hot glue would behave on snow, what sorts of effects I would get. So one evening, when it was about 18 degrees F, I took a glue gun outside with me. I learned how the stuff behaves on snow. I learned a more powerful gun wouldn't require waiting. I deduced that colder temperatures would yield better results. Still...


vandaluna said...

Wow. Reminds me of the ebola virus or heart worms or something equally horrific. Beautiful yet scary at the same time. :-)

Laboratory? Dissecting table! Everything goes under the microscope AND, if necessary, the scapel comes out to delve deeper.

Happy VD me dearie!

Alys Sterling said...

This image ties in much too well with the story I was working on earlier, and the things it was making me think. I hope I get my mind back when it's all over...

lisa said...

Hi Alys,

There's always the risk of not getting one's mind back when it's over. Anytime we trek that deeply into the forest we risk getting ourselves lost. But we have to go there--it's where all the really good stuff is.
If it seems too scary, you could always try bread crumbs, though I've heard they attract monsters.