Saturday, February 18, 2006

Strange Fish

Okay. All this talk of sushi and fish and thinking about the talking about sushi and fish brings me to the conclusion that it's really just a cultural thing. (with a touch of not trusting Ben ) Really, what could be more horrible than ground up cow? And, lots of pigs are smarter than lots of dogs and all cats. Sorry---it is what it is.
So, when the time comes for sushi---I will be ready to enjoy it without trepidation. Mind changed.

All the ratties people were waiting for are on their journeys now. Thanks for understanding that the Lisa REALLY needed a few days off. And took them. And likely will again.

Yesterday I finished painting a dozen "Midnight" rats, decided I wasn't entirely happy with them, so made coffee and painted them all again. I don't consider this time lost. I consider it to be what must be done, once in a while.

I accidentally hit my hand against our fence while playing with Orion. We were crushing the recycling, making it a game of sliding around on large flattened boxes. Now I have a collection of 19 little splinters in the heel of my right hand, which is better than yesterday, when it was 32, and a mild discomfort instead of burning.

Tonight we will celebrate Wendy's birthday, just as we did a year ago, but this time at a club other than our favorite Irish pub. Oh well. We have to follow Wendy, who follows her boyfriend, who must go where the Whores of Tijuana are playing. They sort of like him to be there, as he is their singer and drummer.

The image above is a small detail from "Strange Fish" which is the companion for "Strange Birds" for which Gene Wolfe just finished two somewhat disturbing stories.


vandaluna said...

That's lovely work, Lisa!
I see you included your recent interest in scuba.

I had forgotten I ordered (or actually the childling ordered) ratties. Wow!! More surprises in the mail!!!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Ow!!!! and....OWWW!!!