Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow Day, Times Two

Lisa called me today, from the frozen Midwest. You know how some people to go the beach in summer, to "store it up" for the winter? i guess when you live in the desert, you need to store up some winter, so you can take it out when the temperature climbs into the 20s. i told her that it always makes me smile, to think that she and i mean different things when we talk about temps in the 20s.

So she is enjoying the sound of the snow falling on her hat, out there. Today, in Maryland, we are having a snow day too. So, since she can't post her photos til she returns, i took a photo of a mourning dove hanging out on our bird feeder.

Enjoy the stillness. It's good for us all.


Anonymous said...

Hello all, it's me. Ravyn is correct, when we desert rats speak of temperatures in the twenties, we mean temps that will melt our shoes.
I am indeed filing winter images I can pull up later, when I can actually hear the sun hammering on the ceiling of the studio. Yesterday I had a wonderfully creative experience in the quiet of trees in snow. I'll write about it when I return. For now, I've borrowed Mr. Gaiman's notebook while he is down at the end of the garden writing something probably very, very clever. His keyboard is different enough from mine that I have to look for things in Shift.I don't like looking at the keyboard while I type...what a pain.
So...I wish you a good weekend and I will be back in the slaughterhouse next week....Lisa

Derek Ash said...

Stay warm out there, and do say hello to Mr. G. for me, his Quotable Neil devotee, RRNN.

Hope ducks are lining up for you, and that the creative juices are flowing.

Derek Ash said...

And Ravyn, it is always nice having a post from you, so thanks.

vandaluna said...

Oh Leeeeesaaaa!
Hope you are having fun gurrrl!!

It is freezing here!!
Temps have been in the low 50s in the morning all week! ::snicker::
I guess there is one good thing about podunk PC.

Beechee, your birdfeeder piccy just makes me homesick. :-/ I miss those gray Maryland days! Too much blue sky and sunshine is enough to depress anyone.

ravyn said...

well get yasself to MD grrrrrrrl!!!!!

RRNN, thanks, i try to pace myself so i don't one day take over Lisa's blog **winks**

Neil Gaiman said...

It's a japanese keyboard. That's why.

K said...

Pretty snow! Strange, I've never thought of Maryland as somewhere where it would snow much (somehow it sounds southerly and temperate. Shows how much I know!)

That's more snow than we've seen all winter. I love snow.

ravyn said...

K, you know i joke about getting you to come to Balticon. Though i really wish you could come. i will miss you.

Maryland is sort of in the middle, kinda south but not as far south as it would seem. i've lived there all my life, and we have had some spectacular snowstorms. Interestingly, where i am in the northern part of the state now, we get less snow than points east and south get. Most of the time.

If you ever get across to the States, you are welcome to stay with me and G. (c'mon, get that fiancee of yours to agree to honeymoon at Balticon..... hehehehe)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Hello to Lisa and Neil! Hope you're having fun. I am of course jealous of everyone who is experiencing snow right now as I sit and type in 50+ temps wishing that we had a real winter here in Kansas City and not this faux spring we've been having all winter long.

Have a safe trip home and look forward to your trip details!

vandaluna said...

K: Funny you say Maryland is so far south. Do you know that people here in the deep South actually think the division line is between North Carolina and South Carolina? I try to tell them that the Mason-Dixon line is between Maryland Pennsylvania and they actually argue with me.

Oh, and we don't get snow days in this part of the world. We get hurricane days.