Monday, July 31, 2006

Practically Sane

Most people seem to think I live this altered-reality existence of vision and art. I stand, paint brush poised, deeply (and somewhat wildly) focused on the panel before me—poster child for the mad genius at work.

There are plenty of times like that. And lots of just plain work. But sometimes life is pretty practical, as this past week with a visiting five-year old when either “Mom” or “Auntie Lisa” was to be heard every 1.5 minutes.

Oh yes. I clocked it. Of course I did---it’s me! The average was every freaking 1.5 minutes. They’re adorable.

I’ve spent the past two weeks painting and packing little poppets wrapped in bookmarks that read, “Wake Up.”Sometimes more than others, I know I mean me. Wake up, Lisa, wake up.

The fires here are out, but fires burn elsewhere in the west. Our temperatures are a lot better this week, but last week soared such that there were brownouts and even blackouts in some areas. Summer isn’t nearly over.

So, I ask myself exactly what I would do if we had to evacuate immediately. I’ve always had a fair idea, but fair ideas don’t generally work in serious situations. I’ve given this some thought, packing up poppets and dancers to send all over the world. Where things happen.

The best case scenario in the worst case scenario would be to have a firm and simple plan. Because a plan can be followed.Why must I make this plan? Because it’s absolutely illogical not to. No one expects emergencies, but they happen (surprise) every second. I can choose to be prepared or not.

For what reason would anyone choose to be unprepared???

I bookmarked a few of the better sites I found.

Article list for emergency preparation
American Red Cross
Prepare for Evacuation: Household Tips
Home emergency preparation tips & family disaster plans
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

There are lots of different scenarios and situations, but the basic idea is to have a plan. Most plans are very simple. No one has to reinvent the wheel. Plenty of information is out there to be adapted to anyone’s situation.

I look forward to the dreamlike states possible in the studio and the return of the artist who dreams. Today though, I’m a person who lives on this planet and, at least for the moment, wide awake.


Derek Ash said...

See, yes, I do picture you as the wild-eyed intense artist who does nothing but paint.

But there are times that I also picture you bald, with an eye-patch, or wearing a tin-foil hat.

I find this relaxes me.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Was very excited to get my poppets, very cool packaging Lisa. Well done.

Watching the news this weekend and sitting here in 100+ temps (okay, thats a lie, I'm in air conditioned climes now) I'm not sure I want to wake up. I think I want to put on my footie pajamas, pull up the covers, and hide!

vandaluna said...

Sometimes I think about a hurricane evaluation plan.
I even went as far, once, to try to assemble all necessary items on the recommended items lists.
They are even selling self-heatable single serving meals in the grocery store just in case there is no electricity to cook. $5 smackeroos a piece! What a rip.

ReallY? I don't want to make a plan! I don't want to deal with all the stupid flashlights and batteries and crank-it-yaself b&w televisions. If I ever perceived a _real_ threat I would grab the cats, grab the kid (with her snake in her hands), grab the file that says "very important papers" and make a mad dash to...Dothan? Nah, everyone else will be in Dothan. Hmm...Atlanta! Party!!

faerydusted1 said...

I knew a girl once who was obsessed with making plans in case of zombie attacks.

She wasn't good for much else, but we were well prepared in case the undead rose up to eat the living. Yessiree, George.

Derek Ash said...

That, right there, is one of my most favoritest stories ever told on this blog.

You should write that down, and sell it.

I'm dead serious. The world needs a story in it in which a girl is perpetually bracing herself for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and the reactions of everyone else around her to this behavior.

Do it NOW so that I may enjoy this story.

I have a friend at work who is buying lots of canned food and bottled water for when "bird flu season hits" (her words, not mine).

I find this both hilarious and scary. Either I'm going to get the bird-flu, and she'll going to be the one laughing then... or the media is doing another bang-up job preying on our paranoia.

lisa said...

It's like learning to save a drowning victim. I'm not likely to need the skill, but why not have it? My pursuit of knowledge extends to 'rare' information as well i.e. preparation for extreme situations. Really, getting a plan outlined didn't take long. (I didn't sweat the small stuff.) Where to go, whom to call, what to take and where the what-to-take is. To me, it seems knowledge worth having and I feel sort of obligated to have it---to be outside of the panic so I can help rather than hinder.

jordan's mom said...

I know a woman who has been prepared for everything for years, including natural disasters, "color alert" terrorist changes, nuclear threats (including owning some land in the northwest for emergency get-aways), and has stocked up with lots of bottled water and duct tape.

She also comes to see me each week, and pays me money to help her figure out how she can enjoy her life instead of living in acute anxiety and fear.

Being intelligently prepared sounds sensible to me. Then again, there can always be too much of a good thing....

I, too, am looking forward to the completed story of the Woman Who Anticipated Undead Armageddon.