Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Night, Poppets

...but this is the one I send you to bed with.

Nighty night.


K said...


*waves nervously, aware she is being watched*

(I think this one's my favourite, though.)

Carl V. Anderson said...

ooooo...nice and creepy. Reminds me of a weird Stephen King-ish story where they toys come to life after dark.

faerydusted1 said...

I am tempted to print this out and put it in a stratigic place for my husband to see when he opens his eyes.

But he may cry.

Maybe I'll just show it to him on the computer. Its creepifying enough here. ::G::

Dr Molly Black: The Philosophical Epicurian said...

Sometime I hope you ask me to photograph your items for you. I would love to do so.

This means I should do some test shots of the items I've already purchased from you for you to have (as if you needed them).


-- Molly

Mimi said...

En masse, they are surely a force to be reckoned with.

Derek Ash said...

See, and here I thought they looked their most curious and strangely innocent in this one. Like they're getting ready to reach up and poke me in the nose, to see what this Big Thing will do next.

I love the nonchalant, almost obliviously unabashed voyeurism implied in every image, like pixie-dust-martians; strangers in a strange land, trying to dissect and process each and every thing.

They're pointing out our nuances: tragedy and foolishness that we take for granted in our day-to-day lives. Wakeful moments indeed.

Honestly, I don't think Lisa really sculpts or paints the Poppets at all, and she sure as hell didn't "set up" these photos. It's all a cover-up, a conspiracy to get these "cute" little guys into our homes.

faerydusted1 said...

RRNN- you've nailed it for me. You've said what I couldn't. Luv it.