Monday, July 24, 2006

Poppets Don't Float, II

And yet we keep thinking about all the trifling things we usually think about, and doing all the little things we usually do, not oblivious, necessarily, to the possibility that we may be struggling to survive in the not-so-distant future, but in conscious denial. As I type this, I'm sitting at my desk with my feet up, snacking from a bowl of fresh cherries and grapes. I'm becoming increasingly aware of things we take for granted. Things that others don't have, things that we could lose. Orion just tore through here yelling "potty!" Good boy. He's in a rush because he wants to get back to his video game. Outside the sky is ominous and changing. We'll swim tonight, when the air has cooled down to 96 or so, because the water is like a bath. But at least it's wet.

I don't understand it. The architecture is all wrong. Why don't people build at least partly underground? Why aren't there solar panels all over the place? These are questions that beg closer examination, after some research.

I'm packing Luck's Dancers and poppets off to their new homes. They were each dried at some stage of painting, in the huge convection oven that we live in at present.

Tomorrow is Aubrey's birthday.


ravyn said...

i'm gonna be cynical here and say that it's the same reason people buy huge gas-guzzling SUVs to drive the highway to work.

Now i'm gonna be happy and say, Happy Birthday Aubrey! i hope the gift arrives in time!

Dan Guy said...

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!! Love your name and its origins!

I can only speak for myself but the reason I don't drive a hybrid car or have solar panels is the cost. Despite the long term savings I don't have the cash to invest in those things now. The goverment needs to become more forward thinking by not only spending more to develop these type of alternative technologies but they also need to provide lower interest loans and other financial incentives to the average joe out there to get them to buy this stuff.

Mimi said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Aubrey!

Love the water distortions on the poppet dears. Hope you're all hanging in there in the heat.