Friday, July 28, 2006

In Between

I'm busily (still) packing poppets and dancing jesters for their journeys to new homes. I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio. Like a kid with coins in his pockets, I'm eager to spend my ideas.

I've got to stop watching the news. I can't stop watching the news. I try to take a larger view, seeing this as a stage of development for humans, that one day in the far future these centuries will be viewed as another sort of dark age and the US as another ancient Rome.
Historically, change comes with a hard price.

What I should be watching is Shrek II. But, I can't stop watching the news.


ravyn said...


(okay i opted for the funny response this time)

Neon said...

so...comparing modern USA with ancient Rome is an interesting if puzzling comparrison. Are you suggesting the US as an empire? I guess thats what a lot of people across the world feel like the US is trying to set itself up as.
Sitting over here in the UK it also gets harder to bear watching the news as our intreped leader Tony Blair seems ever happier to take a back seat to the child president and his strange-and quite franky dumb(sorry-no other word seemed to fit) poilitics. Personally I hope in the future people dont look back on this civilisation as some kind of Roman empire as although they were a ruthless, waring empire at least they were ultimately responsible for social progress in Europe- something I cant see the US and UK being responsible for if we ever reach an end to the crisis in the middle east.

Lord Daecabhir said...

I am always caught betwixt and between when it comes to the things this county does. Which makes me even more tied up in knots over what is happening in Israel and Lebanon right now. On the one hand, I had always felt that the US had exercised too much restraint in it's responses to threats from abroad, and so I can't entirely blame Israel for wanting to respond decisvely... it would perhaps would be even scarier if Israel posessed the ability to carpet bomb Lebanon the way that the US did to Iraq. On the other hand it is hard to not give some credence to the belief of many that we have created the situation we are now facing with a large portion of the world not terribly pleased with the US... and it does beg the question of was it such a smart idea to create a Jewish state in the middle of a predominantly Muslim region and displace a bunch of Muslims in the process?

Everything has a price. The Universe is in many ways a simple place... cause and effect are largely the rule of law, and ignoring or downplaying the possible consequences of one's actions usually leads to unexpected unpleasantness. And the US is not the only country in the world full of sheep willing to allow someone else to do the thinking for them... I mean, these folks blow themselves up in order to do harm to others they hate... even southern Fundies won't go to that extreme!

The news is very much like a train wreck. Time in the studio will do you good... if for no other reason than perhaps you will pay less attention to the human race doing apparently what it does best... self desructing.