Monday, July 24, 2006

Poppets Don't Float

If you've missed me for a couple of days, it's because it's mostly too hot to think. Mostly. Everytime we go outside we go through these rituals we've learned to take for granted.
Like never leaving without water or hats.
Like wearing sunscreen.
Like covering seats in the car interior before locking up.
Like starting the car, opening all the windows, unloading the groceries, then putting the kid in. Like not touching anything metal, ever...

Right. It is the desert and temperatures are extreme here. We know this, yet we also see changes. More extreme temps and earlier, more storms, more humidity. It's hard not to speculate on what might come next.

Possibly it would help if I stopped reading books on chaos theory. But I doubt it. When we're putting up more canopies every year, spending more on electricity and experiencing brown outs, it's impossible not to consider how things might become.


Blonde said...


bwhawk said...

Sounds like quite an interesting climate and summer life. Any suggestions for book titles and/or authors on the chaos theory front?

Miss Bliss said...

This weather is soooooooo not normal. Gah.

Derek Ash said...

It's a simple truth.

vandaluna said...

I really hope it is one of those "dry heats" and that what the imfamous they say about dry heats is really true. :-)

Growing up in a swamp and now living by the ocean leaves me with no clue what other scenarios not involving over 50% humidity entail.

We hatessss it presssscioussssss!!!