Thursday, July 13, 2006

Desert Burning

Last night I was going to try to get some photos of the fire. Desert WildfireWe can see it from our neighborhood---the place where we watched fireworks last week. There are fires here every summer. We're not threatened by this one, but Big Bear is.
My thoughts are for the 2500+ firefighters up there, risking their lives to keep it from reaching the forest.

And we watch from here in the bowl of desert, helplessly hoping.

I've been working on a stencil for the boxes the Luck's Dancers will be shipped in. Thought it would be be fun and work well with the SlaughterHouse theme. It is fun. We'll see how well it works. Online, Ben found a device that makes an imprint that looks like the old-fashioned livestock brand.

I was supposed to send "Guardian of Sorrows" out to Roland and Robert last week. He is propped against the wall here in the den, not far from where "El Maestro del Fuego" hangs over the fireplace. Last week, Orion asked me about the two. It's become a ritual, where I tell him the story of the two, each neither good nor evil. One must guard the gate with all his might. The other must enter with all his. A story is developing as we repeat what we know - Orion correcting me if I miss a detail--layers and history deepening and expanding.
So, though I owe them an apology for the delay in shipping, I wouldn't trade anything for creating a story with Orion. I'll pack Guardian up today, and print photos of both so Orion and I can continue our collaboration.

Ben is on his way. I'm sure he'll bring reports of how the fire looks from his end of the desert. We'll get back to making art because, what else can we do?



jordan's mom said...

I find the unfolding story between you and Orion to be wonderful and intriguing. If you can help him to see differences as being equally valid, side-stepping the trap of "right and/or wrong" you will not only have done him a great service for his own life, you will have helped contribute another drop of "Hope" into the world. I believe the future of the species and maybe the planet depends upon our ability to be able to see like that.

lisa said...

to Jordan's Mom: Thanks for this insight. I couldn't agree with you more. I've been thinking of posting about the various ways we pass values on to our children. Just been waiting to get the right image to go with it.

lisa said...

This is a first, but I had to share that the security word for my comment was: