Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What seemed a tiny intruder...


Anonymous said...

Hullo there Lisa

This is a small and friendly note to say hi from the other side of the pond and to ask whether all the Poppets ordered will have faces. I notice in some of the installations, their faces are blank and I like the ones with eyes and mouths that look as though they are saying 'oooohhhh'.
I'm thinking of ordering a box, so friends get a little poppet each for Christmas but wouldn't want to give them a sinister looking poppet, that would be mean. Hope you get chance to get back to me before the Poppet sale deadline.

Big grin

lisa said...

Hi Len--They all look like the ones you see here. I only rarely give them mouths because I generally think of them as observers noticing what is going on around them---often for the first time.

I suppose some of them should be screaming...

Cool that you want to give them as gifts. Thanks