Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Midnight Blues

Orders packed.
Plan outlined.

Schedule for LA Con: art show exhibit, panel with Bob Eggleton and others about making a living as an artist, panel with Vernor Vinge, Rudy Rucker and others on future anthropology. I'm especially looking forward to that one.

Off for a post-midnight swim under a finally clear sky. Hope it will remind me of why I don't hate the desert. Likely it will be a good seque to the rooms inside my head where art gets made.

stay cool out there


Derek Ash said...

Sometimes I go looking for the rooms inside my head where art gets made... but I just find a bathroom. And by the time I finish up in there (let us just say that my diet is not a balanced one...) I usually forget what I've gone looking for, so I watch T.V. instead.

Or I come read Lisa's blog, and make snarky comments that probably no one appreciates... but I can't stop because really they are just desperate cries for help.

Help with what? I don't know. Sometimes I need help with pickle-jar lids, because for a 27 year old man I have unusually weak wrists.


I've said too much.

Good luck with the CON-prep, Lisa. They seem like they take a lot out of you, but also manage to put a lot back in at the same time.

vandaluna said...

RRNN -- To quote REM, "Oh no I've said too much...I haven't said enough".

Hey, I'm the mistress of saying too much (not enough?).

AND, tell me, who the heck are you to judge whether or not no one appreciates your comments????

Stop crying for help. It doesn't exist. Help comes from inside. Yeah yeah, I know that sounds like alot of hocus pocus BS, but it is obvious that since you are crying for help there are issues in you that need to be resolved and you are the only one who can do that. External validation is fleeting at best. The absolute best suggestion you can get is to spend time with you learning about you and coming to accept yourself. You want someone to appreciate you? Okay, I do. No kidding. There, I bet that helped none. ;-)

They make little rubber thingies to help with pickle jar lids. I suggest you buy one. :-)

Neon said...

Lisa- my poppets arrived today! I am so super happy with them and they are settling in nicely- I have posted a couple of pictures of them and their new friends on my blog. The packaging was so pretty too- thanks so much for being so great and creative. I cant wait for your Halloween sale now :)