Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yes, there are birds in that brain...

"Psychopede" detail.

When I get back from the World Con, I'll post photos of new work. In the meantime, I'm working...a lot...and swimming twice a day. Pete has developed the habit of bringing home interesting different kinds of chocolate. This is a good habit, so long as I'm working and swimming twice a day.

I'm supposed to tell you that I'll be signing copies of Strange Birds (that have already been signed by Gene Wolfe) and any other things of mine you bring to the DreamHaven booth in the Dealer's room at 1:pm on Friday. I'm also supposed to tell you that the first fifty people who get copies of Strange Birds from DreamHaven will get a Poppet(in a nifty little bag with a bookmark) too.

Orion's quote of the day: "I'm NOT freaking out! I'm freaking IN!" Somehow, this makes more sense than it should.

Last night I finally saw Days of Heaven (1978) directed by Terrence Malick. OK. This one deserves to be brought back to big screens.

It's 1:36. g'night


faerydusted1 said...

Work, Chocolate, Swimming, and the insight of your kid.


Derek Ash said...

I'm kind of stunned by the beauty of those two tiny gulls in the center of all that gore.

It kind of hearkens back to the reading of the entrails.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Look forward to seeing the new pics after WorldCon!