Monday, August 28, 2006

March of the Hours

"Psychopede "

Three things that happened this busy day:

I received a package from Gene Wolfe. The Catalog of Cool got lost from the package I'd sent him. I'd asked him to sign page 88, which was where Pete discovered his work, years ago. In true Wolfe style, he sent us his own copy complete with wolf-paw and library stamps.

I begin to believe that Gene Wolfe is the catalog of cool.

I first heard a weird scritching on the tiles, and then saw the biggest date beetle I've ever seen. It wasn't scurrying across the floor, but was...sitting(?), hunched-over and cleaning itself.

Oddly like a cat.

Ok. I'll be honest. Even I am disturbed by this. I waited until it... finished, then swept it outside.

In the water, Orion and I had a diving accident. I'd thought we were clear but we sure put our heads together. He got a nosebleed for a moment or two and is fine now. I am too, but am terribly happy we have Tylenol 3 in the house. It looks as though I might end up with a dramatic new eyebrow.

Perhaps people will stop telling me I look too sweet for my work.



Carl V. Anderson said...

That is really cool that Gene Wolf sent you that book. Very cool.

faerydusted1 said...

Karma is funny like that. ;-D Good on you. When we were at Balticon we all just astounded by Gene Wolfe. We kept watching him (He seemed to be everywhere) and were all just amazed at how cool he seemed to be. Every time someone came to meet him he stood up to shake their hands. He always seemed to be so much the gentleman. My girlfriend and I kept saying we wanted to be his neices or granddaughters or adopted anything.

And then we went to see the panel with Neil Gaiman and him. And Neil Gaiman said not to be fooled. That he was completely evil. ::grin::

I'm still not so sure.

I'm glad everyone's ok (?) from the head bonkin'. Be careful with the pool of doom back there. Maybe that beetle's been messing with it.

Derek Ash said...

I am so completely in love with this "Psychopede".

How inutterably grisly and gorgeous.

K said...

I don't know what a date beetle is, but I can sort of imagine. At least it was a clean one.

My husband had a similar encounter with a very large spider in our attic yesterday. He doesn't like them much, but decided that we're not going to step on it in the loft, so it's not worth expelling it.

Every so often I would hear a voice coming down through the hatch: "Here comes my eight-legged friend again..."

Alys Sterling said...

I knew I'd miss something interesting while I was off in internet-free-land. (Not to be confused with free-internet-land.)

I tried googling date beetle and came up with this:
Is this the same kind of beetle?

Hope the eye looks worse than it feels!