Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday morning

I like waking early on weekends. It's still chilly enough to have a fire, but later will be warm enough for shorts. I can have coffee, listen to music and read knowing there's nowhere to go today. Ahhhhh. Not so many days like this anymore.

Aubrey introduced me to Neutral Milk Hotel. It wasn't until I heard the entire CD that I got a real appreciation for their In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. I love that each song is so surprisingly different from the next but mostly, it's the poetry of the lyrics and the raw honesty of the vocalist. Really good stuff.

Amity sent me a couple of CD's, one of Jacques Brel that I will so enjoy sharing with my friend, Methchilde who speaks beautiful French and goes to Paris at every opportunity, and the other a mix so eclectic I can't name it, which has been given a permanent home in the studio. Thanks!

My wet suit came on Friday. I think I'll test it out today. The water temp is currently 49F, which in my mind, definitely requires neoprene.

Ravyn arrives tomorrow morning for five intense days of remodeling the website. Some wacky fun too. And Ben cooking for us, Mexican and Korean.

The best part of the morning is watching Orion sleep. He's starting to stir now and soon the phone will be ringing.

If you don't get the Times, and are looking for an article perfect for coffee, here's one
Did Jesus Exist? Court Decision Sent to me from Rebecca.

Humans are so funny.

have a good Sunday.


Dr Molly Black: The Philosophical Epicurian said...

Yay! You liked your present, and can share it, that's great!

I love sharing music. As soon as we finish our ep I'll send you out a copy. It's going to be pretty diverse too. I love such a different blend of music.

Spending the day listening to what I sent you while scanning photos from my modeling past and looking up at my rats in their special section of a wall in our bedroom.

K said...

Look what I got for Christmas: Rats: A Year with New York's Most Unwanted Inhabitants

I have to say, I haven't read it all yet and am slightly disappointed that the author refers to "Selkirk, England" on page 8. Selkirk is in Scotland. Honestly (sigh)...

K said...

Oh, and I meant to say: Aubrey = very pretty!

vandaluna said...

You let that biatch, Ravyn, into your home?

Have funzies yous twos. :-)


Carl V. Anderson said...

Good luck with the website retool!!!