Saturday, January 28, 2006

Quick Shot

As I was snapping the photo of the Automatic Rat, Orion joined me for a bit of hamming. So this photo was taken about three minutes ago.
I love technology.

Today was Saturday project day. Ben and I worked on our Designated Saturday Projects. Mine is a storyboard that I actually begin to believe I'll finish.

Ben says he is a cookie with no sugar. I tell him to keep his low brow suggestions for my art in progress to himself. Why must he attempt to put ketchup on everything I create?

Pete is working a mystery gig here in town. Aubrey is most likely talking on her cell phone to Jordan, whom she just finished chatting with online. sigh

Time to read. No sermon. As I mentioned, I'm doing the art. It'll be in there.

Apparently I'll be doing a children's workshop at Balticon. Hmmm, I'm wondering if I might be able to find more automated rat form thingys. We could make critters that do things.

I'll breathe my last breath trying to subvert the young. If they don't learn to think for themselves, no one will.


Lord Daecabhir said...

I'll breathe my last breath trying to subvert the young. If they don't learn to think for themselves, no one will.

Amen. Therein lies the path to true freedom, and (as sappy as it may sound) a better world.

I don't know if Satan has mentioned it, but I've been attending an introductory series of talks on Buddhism over the past four weeks at the meditation center in Baltimore, with which I've had sort of an on-again, off-again relationship for a few years. Without going into the details here as to why I decided to attend these talks (perhaps later in my own blog), the senior student leading Thursday's talk revealed something about Buddhism that made all of it resonate even more for me: that Buddha explicitly cautioned his students to not accept his teachings on blind faith or simply out of respect for him, that they should examine and meditate on his teachings to see if they rang true for themselves. That if the teachings rang true, to intergrate them into their lives, but if some of them did not ring true, to set them aside.

In other words, think for yourself. Do not eschew the wisdom or experiences of others, but also do not blindly accept them without due consideration.

Derek Ash said...

Yes, and now I will blindly accept the fact that I should not blindly accept anything.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do so love it when you're being subversive!

jestersdna said...

Want to talk about children being subverted? <==== Prime example right here!!!