Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ben Jumps In

High Ho everybody, and welcome to my first post for Slaughterhouse.
Lisa suggested that I tell you a little something about myself… Hmm, lets see. I got married this last year. Lisa, being my best friend, was also my Best Man at the wedding. Which was beautiful by the way.
Despite (possibly due to?) having both a priest and a rabbi, the marriage died of complications 7 weeks later and was lain to rest in a tasteful closed-casket ceremony attended by close friends and family.
Single females may send their sympathies c/o this address.
On return to the SlaughterHouse, I’m back into the full time swing of mold making, sculpture casting and my personal favorite, engineering kinetic and animated art pieces with Lisa who seems happy to have me back.
You might be a little interested in how our collaborative process works. This morning it went down like this: We’re talking, cracking jokes and slamming each other mercilessly. During this little verbal warm up, I’m sweeping up about a pound of dust mixed with shipping peanuts. Lisa, for whatever incomprehensible reason she has, instead of biting the sandwich she’s holding, bounces a piece of it off me. I sweep it up. She bounces another. I sweep it up. Never breaking conversational stride.
After about the seventh bounce and sweep, nearly in unison, I say, “This would make a cool kinetic, and Lisa says “We could make this.”We start figuring out how to make it work.
Ahh, good times. I love working with Lisa.
Until next time.


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vandaluna said...

Ben, you permitted an interloper to enter into the mix...of course it wouldn't last. I was happy when I heard Lisa had you back, but I'm just selfish that way! ;-)


Carl V. Anderson said...

Sorry to hear that Ben, but glad you have a job you enjoy to come back to. Look forward to more of Lisa and your combined work.