Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ravyn is here. Orion made stars.

Ravyn is here! She brought, among other things, some fiber optic to play with, so we did. She also brought evil, evil chocolate from Columbia.

This morning we are up, still in pajamas, waiting for the sun to warm everything. Hmm. That should take about half an hour. Then we get to work, in the studio and on the website.

I hear corsets are coming out later...

I'll keep you posted.


Derek Ash said...

Is it going to be a blast?

Corset is!

Seriously though?

I'm going to need pictures.

(Good luck making the site even more beautifuller)

"Tozxud" - Sentient mass of intergalactic death slugs, and pizza delivery boys.

K said...

Pretty pretty fibre optics! Ooh, twinkly lights...

Have fun, both of you - looking forward to seeing the new developments on the site.