Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finally, Neil's sculpture in motion...

Ravyn and I mostly spent the day working on the new gallery site, which will be officially open on March 1. Then we took a break to work on Balticon Art. After that, she enjoyed a rare winter nap outside in the sunshine while I, back in the studio, had a nice breakthrough with the "Strange Fish" painting.

Orion, who is under the weather with a cold, is cocooned in his blankets with his juice and Samurai Jack for company. I can hear Ravyn and Aubrey playing FLUX in the dining room. It sounds like lots of fun actually, but the Lisa can't sit still just yet.

I did try the corset on yesterday. Ironically(?) the one Ravyn chose for me is made of lambskin, and was surprisingly comfortable, though it was a bit weird for someone who feels most comfortable in plain tee and jeans decorated only with bits of paint my apron didn't catch. I'll be seeing the Fabulous Lorraine Lorraine a' Malena again soon. I'll take said item with me so she can help me match it with something other than my frayed old Levis. Getting out of the corset almost felt familiar, perhaps a strait jacket or other in some incarnation or dream of mine ( which might explain a couple of things.) But, getting into the corset, as far as I can see, is a two-person operation at best. I can see I'll need an escort to the Goddess party, preferably someone who can pull and tie strings...

Aubrey got some video footage of Luck Be Nimble, Fate Be Quick in motion and fittingly coupled it with music from Kronos Quartet's "Black Angels". The lighting is a bit atmospheric and dark, so the colors are muted, but those of you who know this sculpture might like seeing it in motion.

Click here to go to the large animation, 4.6MB Quicktime MOV file


Click here to go to a smaller MPEG4 animation, 599KB

Gurtie is curled up next to me. She doesn't say hello. She says "Stop typing and rub me." I shall.



Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Nice job Aubrey! Thanks for sharing that with us :)

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Wow. Just wow. That is truly, utterly sublime. I'm so glad you posted that animation, and that Aubrey shot it.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Give Aubrey a thousand thanks! Great was fascinating to watch the sculpture do its thing and makes me look forward even more to the eventual unveiling of the Dark Caravan work.

Derek Ash said...

I'll have to wait to check out the movie at someone's house who has a better connection than mine. :(

Of corset's just something for me to look forward to. :)

That conniving Gurtie. It starts with "Stop typing and pet me" and ends up as: "Stop typing and help me overthrow the world by summoning my dark overlord from the Icvix dimension"
(That also just happens to be my current word verification as well... how odd.)

Also: Did Ben wear a corset too? Pictures people; we need pictures.

ravyn said...

(Lisa has commandeered my laptop to post the following....)

To Robert and Carl: Aubrey will be so pleased!

Jason, Thanks so much (as always!) for the incredibly nice mention on journal.

RRNN: huh? eh? did you not see the little photo of said artist in said corset at the top of this entry???

Carl V. Anderson said...

*chuckle* RRNN

Malena said...

Love the photo. You simply must get an Alter Ego Corset my dear. Maybe Lorraine and I will bring you one.... Just email me your size.
You are amazing my dear! Can't wait to meet you in person

ravyn said...

That *is* an Alter Ego corset! i ordered it for her myself **grins**.

Though we have been talking about a different style for her, hehehe.

We are both sorry that we missed you this week. But, we got a lot of work done, and that is a good thing :-D

Anonymous said...

Um, the mpg.-link refuses to work. And the mov.-file refuses to show any picture. T_T Ahh, I had been waiting for this for so long.. Could you, um, check the link and try to figure out what's wrong? Pretty please?

Derek Ash said...

Oh no, I meant pictures of Ben in a corset.

The picture at the top of this post is very... snazzy.

Let's keep it clean people.

I've decided to work on a poem about corsets. I'll have to give it much thought.

lisa said...

To Narcomanic: We're not sure why some people can't view it. Ravyn suggests first to try updating Quicktime. She's going to look into it for you.

To RRNN: Hmmm. Ben in a corset. Sounds like a photoshop project for the Aubrey unit. I'm pretty sure he has that coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Fabulous art, and nice corset. Are lambskin corsets generally expensive-ish? I just can't seem to find a nice corset in any generic clothing stores. Oh, and do you regularly show your work at Balticon?

lisa said...

Hi Ester: Thanks! This will be my second showing of art at Balticon. It's a long trek for me, but I suspect that, like last time, it will be well worth it. Really nice folk there!

lisa said...

Oh-- and Esther, (I seem to have lost the 'h' before.) This is an Alter Ego corset. I'm a complete novice. Visit the Lorraine a' Malena site for more info and corset fun.

vandaluna said...


Hey gurrrlie! Awesome music with the sculpture animation! Wow, it really comes to life and is so much more dimensional when you can see it move!

As for the corsets, they are amazingly inexpensive!! I am at a con this w/e and they are selling simple underbusts for $100...AlterEgos go for about that price.

Also, in regard to corsets for those who may be interested, AlterEgos are about the best I've seen. Nothing compares. I get more compliments!!

Ravyn: The mymster couldn't keep his eyes off! He FINALLY had to ask about it! ::snicker::