Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In Progress: Wall

At this stage, I've built a cardboard wall around the clay original for the flyer, whom I'm not ready to call 'angel' and not willing to think of as a demon. We'll see what he reveals as things progress. I've sealed every seam and coated the inside of the wall and the clay original with mold release agent. (It stops the rubber from sticking.) Tonight I'll pour the silicon mold and in two days, will make the resin casting that will be the starting point for the final work.

The only serious equipment needed for making this sort of mold is a triple beam balance. The mold materials are measured by weight, not volume, and need to be fairly accurate for a good mold.
I work in my apron and latex gloves, an assortment of knives in front of me that smell of the alchohol they were soaked in. I'm weighing solutions and thinking how easily a studio with green tiles would put me someplace else entirely.

It's like (say it with me.) It's like time travel.

I begin to believe some other Lisa may be at the morgue still.

The resin cast will be permanent, and nearly as hard as stone, so I can carve and sand and polish it to a finish. The 'real work' will begin then, and the title will come about.

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K said...

OK, I have to admit it... I am mildly disturbed. It's not that I don't know you make these things in sections, but I'll be glad when he has more in the way of limbs. And wings (I assume, since he's a flyer, he's getting them?)

So your morgue analogy is not lost on me.

I can't wait to hear the title.