Sunday, January 22, 2006

One, of Two

The desert sun is such that in winter, when the air is chilly, one can lie on the chaise in ones bikini and listen to the breezes rustle the palm leaves and contemplate ones troubles while gazing at distant snow capped mountains through tropical foliage busy with bright little finches. One can peel the orange picked from trees not twenty feet away and while eating the slices, watch sunlight dance through the clear deep blue of the pool.
There are two seasons in the desert. One is for basking like gods. The other is for fleeing, or cowering like rats. Each lasts exactly as long as the other, with almost no transition between them.

So yes, it’s a paradise in winter and Lisa is basking today…

Well, for a little while. I have a date with Orion in about half an hour for some Fisher Price B-ball. Swoosh!

I am making a mental note to do more basking like a goddess, while the basking is good.Even still. I’m anticipating a trip into some real winter weather in a few weeks. By then, I’ll be longing for cold air on my face and snow under my shoes. Change is good. Too much of anything, including basking, puts our brains to sleep.
Sometime next week Bob Podrasky will be announcing the stories chosen for the Tiny Stories project on his site. I’ll be sure to post a link to it.

Tomorrow will be a full on studio day. We have lots of things that must be done sooner than later. There will be work on our angel gone bad, painting of strange fish and engineering for kinetic fortune tellers. And, of course, the usual verbal Frisbees and shameless Bennisms.

You have indeed escaped another sermon. I’m disgusted beyond talking about anything. I can’t watch Fox news anymore without wanting to shoot the screen. So, if you were wondering where my soapbox is, I’ve put it away to clear my head. I’ll make art instead, for a while. It's in there.


K said...

Lisa? Did you just write the words "chilly" and "bikini" in the same sentence?

Still trying to get my head round that. We used to tease a Californian fellow student for wearing flipflops in January. Now I know where that came from...

More seriously - I'm loving the pictures of your angel (and what is an angel without a spice of something else?) and really looking forward to seeing more of that piece.

vandaluna said...

Hmmm?? Watch Fox news anymore?? That atrocity of a station better not appear anywhere near my television!! Oh, Lisa...too much knowing thy enemy. :-)

Derek Ash said...

Yes, well...

The snow started today. It has been strangely... grassy... for Maine in January for the last two weeks.

But the snow came today and made us remember what we had forgot. I almost found myself basking under my car in the ditch on the way home from the bus-stop...

But please don't let me ruin your sun bathing.

Reasons why Lisa Snellings-Clark must be destroyed at all costs: #1. Most people go with the obvious, like: Sculpts naughty angels. I choose to go with: "Tans outdoors in January and then gloats online." But that's just me. You make your own list and we'll compare later.)