Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Two new sculptures and Note to Self...oh---and DragonCon

Lesson learned; Never say what you're going to do on a journal. It's Wednesday and the third 24-hour period with not nearly enough sleep. I am going to start a fire in the fireplace, curl up on the floor with Orion, who is nearly three, and we will eat cookies and watch a movie until we are fast asleep...

I finished the sculpture I'd mentioned in "Puppet Science". I settled on the title "Interference Pattern". I won't talk about it unless someone asks. I'm posting photos of that, and of another piece called "Relic II" that you wouldn't have seen unless you were at the World Fantasy Convention this past October. I built this one, and actually did set it on fire for the final effect. It is based on the original Relic, from a story about an angel rescued from a burning house .

Oh yes---Dragon Con Well, the short version is that I wanted to do an experimental/installation/ performance piece where I worked in a closed environment with no outside contact. No clocks, no windows, nothing except music, and whatever I needed to work. I would've lived in this fishbowl and viewers could 'check in' via 24-hour closed circuit TV. Dragon Con was the best venue for the project because it's a long convention and large enough to accomodate a running exhibit like this one. The exhibit would be expensive to set up and extremely taxing on me physically and mentally. I'd already had enough experience with working under similar conditions to know that the results, at least, would be really interesting. Yes, it would be a little crazy in a Timothy Leary sort-of way, and I was a little nervous about putting myself through it, but still wanted to. The cool thing is that it would have been strange and real, and when we were talking about doing this , it was back in 1996 or so, before (if you can even imagine this) reality TV.

So now, g'night....


vandaluna said...

Hi Lisa,

So, the upshot is? With Dragon Con? They refused to accomodate your project?


lisa said...

No, actually the then-chair of DragonCon was all for it. Everything went to hell for him and then, in an unrelated chain of events concerning a movie that NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED, I moved to California.
If DragonCon wants me to visit, they will let me know.
If You ever decide to go to dragoncon though, it's a real experience. And, everybody should go to Atlanta, at least once. It's the Little Apple.

Anonymous said...

I first met you and became acquainted with your work at the HorrorCon in Atlanta and then enjoyed seeing you again at DragonCon. I hope you do return to the
Little Apple many, many times. I look forward to
being inspired by your site. Take care and eat lots
and lots of cookies.