Friday, January 14, 2005

Puppet Science 101

I guess since this is my official Journal opening date, I should wish you an official welcome. So, welcome. Neil phoned earlier, to wish me well with the site and to make me laugh at least twice. Once again I remember that some people are just good. Neil is one of those people.
We were laughing at some of the jobs I had before becoming an artist. He knows all about my first job as a pathologist's assistant. I worked nights at an old county hospital in South Carolina. It was in a huge colonial brick building on a grassy, pine-covered hill at the fork of the highway and Cemetery Hill Road. The morgue was in the basement, green-tiled and echo-y, so you got the sensation you might be secretly underwater. It smelt of mint and death. I however, have never eaten anyone's heart... Neil Gaiman and John Bolton, Harlequin Valentine

This hospital was the place where, years earlier, I had my very first terrifying experience in the company of a puppet. One day I shall tell you about that. Another day. I won't forget.

And in a moment, we'll get to Puppet Science. As soon as I heat some milk for hot chocolate...

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