Thursday, January 27, 2005

Canning, shoes, ouch and good news from Poland.

Sculpting is very physical work. Obviously, hacking away at a huge piece of wood is physical. Or having to work for hours on something from a ladder. But it's the tiny pieces that really get me. The detail sculpting and the painting. (Painting and drawing are physical work too) So I've finally reached the point where I can't ignore it any longer and must do something besides take Motrin. Probably the something will be to call little Mike L., dreadlocked and cheerful and much more powerful than he looks. So much so that he will bend me back into place.

Somewhere (below?) are photos of my latest thrift-store finds: a pair of killer Italian shoes---positively evil, and a very cool print of an old canning machine, very nicely framed and ready to inspire me to do something canny with puppets. Something very canny. Something evilly canny.

Neil sent me a copy of Melinda. Neil Gaiman & Dagmara Matuszak Melinda Reviewed by Rick Kleffel It is gorgeous in many ways. It sort of reminded me of what I love about Nick Bantock,Nick Bantock with its pasted-on illustrations and drawings. The words and images have a very distinct dynamic. Very cool.
Dagmara Matuszak will be featured here on the journal sometime in early March. I'll post dates/time on the News page of the site when it's set. We may do a live chat thing, but at least will do an interview. I'm really, really looking forward to exploring some things with her. She is an amazing artist and this will be a chance to get a glimpse into her creative process. It will be very cool and you must come and you must bring a friend...

So, I shall stop typing and stretch.

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Anonymous said...

I must say from the images I've seen of Melinda so far I'm very impressed with the work of Dagmara. I had no idea it was a she though! I guess I was reading it more or less Dagmar which tends to be a male name I think. Great name either way! The Matuszak strikes a chord of "Highlander" in me. It being my favourite film I've seen it prolly a hundred times or so. One of the minor characters has that name. Having not heard of her I'm wondering if she has done any other published work. Not that published work is neccesarily better than any other it just tends to be easier to get ahold of ;)

Ivory, babbling incessantly as usual