Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Gleanings, and a little evil, from PBS

Orion, who is nearly three, is home for another month before he starts a pre-school program. So, needless to say, we are tuning in to children's programming fairly regularly. On the downside, Aubrey and I embarrass ourselves by breaking into Backyardigan songs in the car.
---they tend to become imprinted upon the brain.. . We got to see how crayons are made on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Yeah, I know, the puppets are scary as hell, still.
I was impressed to see Arthur Ganson Arthur can make a machine that waves goodbye featured in an episode of Arthur, very cool. Last night Reading Rainbow featured artist Jeff Davis, who makes really cool stuff from recycled vinyl records. Jeff Davis clocks & notebooks from vinyl records and jackets
But, just between us, I shamefully confess the other day I found myself held in an unblinking, vampiric thrall as Magnus Scheving did pushups History <>. Sheeeeeeeeeeesh! Not since Anthony Wiggles' er, support-free dancing has children's programming offered such a "little something for the mommies".
Definitely, definitely twisted.
(I meant me.)

Now, off to the studio to close the doors, put on some music and finish Relic III. She will not leave me alone...

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