Monday, January 17, 2005

Go Home, Bendyman

Bendyman has been around, in spirit. His likeness has been featured in short stories, graced the covers of of magazines, posters, websites, tee shirts and even mouse pads. Throughout all, he appears in my dreams. But Bendyman, the sculpture, has been sitting quietly at Worlds of WonderWOW, where I visit him occasionally. I still remember details of making him. The paper, the music I listened to, how he talked in my head as I sculpted his features. I was eight years old when my dad took me to the carnival and I saw the contortionist in whose likeness Bendyman was created. He scared me, back then, and intrigued me. And stayed with me. I wrote about it as best I could, in a story called "Something October". Strange Attraction
Bendyman is large---if he stood he'd be over nine feet tall. Travel with him to exhibits was difficult and expensive, (though I did so several times). I knew this when I made him, but of course that didn't matter. When something decides to be made, inconvenience to its creator is not a consideration. Now he has been adopted by a very nice couple from Maryland, both of whom are librarians. Very cool, for Bendyman likes books, and likes people who read books. I do hope they read to him, occasionally at least. It's the least they can do. He is misunderstood, regarded as a captor, jealously enclosing the delicate angel he hovers over. I hope his new stewards look carefully. I hope they come to understand that they are the ones he is guarding, keeping her at bay, keeping them safe. But always there is that chance that some night after midnight, I will receive a phone call...
Goodbye, my Bendyman, I shall miss you.

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