Tuesday, January 18, 2005

John Grant and "Q"

"I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!!"
C'mon---you know you played that, at least once, out behind the barn, or under the bleachers or behind the door of the playroom. We all did, somewhere, somehow.

Now, look at us, how far we've sunk:
"I'll look at yours if you'll look at mine."
I just played with John Grant At least this version doesn't get us into trouble, well, usually...

I'm pretty sure I won, having just finished his new Q. Q by John Grant
I have to be choosey about what I read, as things I read tend to wriggle themselves unconsciously into my work. To paraphrase John, "someone tells you not to think about a horse and horses are all you can think about."
I was tired when I started it last night, but I decided to read a bit, get a feel for it. Then I poured a cup of coffee and stayed up to read the rest. It's smart and fresh and sexy and surprising and thought-provoking. Of course it is. John wrote it.
Read it.

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luna said...

Dear Lisa,
I read the story and loved it!
Thanks for posting it for I wouldn't have caught it otherwise!

All the best!