Wednesday, January 26, 2005

In other news...flaming angels

I'm not going to talk about today's news. I'm going to say I saw today's news. I'm going to assume you did. Lots of us read or watched simultaneously, I'm sure. Sometimes news makes me want to never, ever make art again. Today it did. So I go into the studio. I turn on the lights, twist my hair up, put on my apron and take a deep breath---adjusting my brain to in here instead of out there. I choose music, turn up the volume and make more art.
I used to think I was running away from there. Now I understand that I'm running to there, with these things I make back here.

So now do you crave chocolate?

Last night I stayed up and finished Relic III. The is the third venture into this particular theme. I'm not done yet. I know this because
1) Relic is part of a book project I'm working on that is a strange mix of dimensions. David Niall WilsonChateaux Shadeaux and Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman are going along with me on this particular trip, with some insights into things Lost and Found.

and 2) because I just know. Y'know?? Relic has been with me for a very long time. Much longer than I knew, really, until recently.

Prokofiev's Fiery Angel Symphony is in there, though it's not the original source I thought it to be.

Last night I listened to Bartok. The sculpting and sanding was finished, all the layers of paints were dry and it was time to light her up. So I did, knowing I could lose weeks of work if I screw up, knowing the effect is worth the risk.
You see, there was this angel. It was found many years after having been rescued from a fire. Her name is lost, and any record of the artist who made her is long gone.

But she carries a memory, from back there, of being a kid carried out of a burning house. Of seeing her through the smoke, watching us leave her behind. I guess I could mention that on the lawn of the burning house, there was a burning cross. But I'm not going to write about that either, not tonight, because I want to go and make art.

Tonight I'm thinking about friends of my webmaster (and friend)
Ravyn, who were in a car accident today and have some interesting days ahead. I wish them well.

So, instead of popcorn for movie snacks, we are eating Cheerios. And, tonight I taught Orion how to eat them from his palm by snagging them , frog-like, with his wet tongue.
I consider both these things to be examples of good parenting.

Be careful youse guys, out there.

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ravyn said...

They are okay. She got out of surgery at about 2:30 and we got to see her shortly thereafter. Short version: broken right femur, broken right heel, broken left ankle, mild injury to spleen. i'm taking her husband (mild concussion, bumps, bruises, lacerations) back tomorrow for a bit.