Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cold epiphany

I was going to write you this cool thing that involves Michel Gondry images and string theory and why we are drawing pictures of multiple universes. I will try very hard not to forget to post that. I'm too tired now, after a couple of late hours in the studio.
I made a mold. Making a mold sometimes requires using a triple beam balance. Surprise! All that stuff you have to learn in science you think is a waste? wroooooonnngo. I use stuff all the time I never, ever would have expected would be useful in art.
I've used balances before. I've used them to weigh speens, hearts, livers and once, a foot
Yes, I am a closet geek. My first career was spent mostly in green-tiled rooms.
The studio is set up like a morgue, or any number of labs I've worked in. It's a bunch of stations for different work in a big, cold room and chairs with wheels so you can push off from one station to another. The studio is a lab, then, sort of. A right-brained, non-sterile, laboratory where sometimes people spontaneously break into dance, but yeah, I guess it is sort of a laboratory.
So, here I am tonight, weighing an empty cup on a triple beam, wearing,a white, red (paint) stained apron, latex gloves and safety goggles. I'm working under a very bright light. The room is very quiet, it's very late and I'm alone in a room full of creepy stuff.


It's the morgue all over again.What kinda fucking karmic joke is this?
And that's not even the worst of it.

Ok, lots of people work in red stained aprons. Pathologists, artists and butchers, for some.

I named my studios SlaughterHouse because I (to the chagrin and embarrassment of my friends who love me anyway) tend to preach about sheep. I'm pretty sure that's it.
But--- now I know the morgue is in there somewhere. The morgue and the slaughterhouse and the bloody aprons, the working to exhaustion, the sheep, the preaching, the preaching the sheep, sheep, sheep. It's going to roll around my head and keep me awake. The pernicious idea that alive isn't everything.
Counting sheep. Killing sleep.
The best thing I think, would be a walk outside. Our neighborhood doesn't allow street lights, which makes for very dark streets, but is a good thing if you want to walk at 2am and see the little stars, way in back.,
I agree.

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